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Welcome to Portraits of the Quarantined Mind!

What's been on your mind this quarantine? This is an invitation to take part in an online creative project exploring what is on people's mind during these strange and apocalyptic times through photography, drawing and chats. 'Portraits of the Quarantined Mind' is an online collaboration inviting people (whom I photograph) to use their portraits to reveal their innermost thoughts through drawing. The result is a snapshot of the powerful impact of quarantine on our mental states. Shot using FaceTime. 


What do you have to do?


Select a time when it is still light outside wherever you are.

2. DRAWING/WRITING (via Phone, Ipad or on a piece of paper)

This is the part where it is your turn to get creative. The idea is to draw what is going on in your mind at the moment. The drawing can be done either digitally or physically, technicalities of which I will explain to you during the Online Photo Session.


You could ask yourself the following questions: what recurrent thoughts are happening in my mind? What seems to be the most important thing for me at the moment? What emotions is this quarantine evoking in me? 

Don't worry about making a 'perfect drawing'. Just do something instinctively. 


About what you drew, about how you feel and what Netflix season you are binge-watching right now... 

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