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Doma is a Polish-Lithuanian photographer, videographer & director. 

Studying philosophy (King’s College London) and completing an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (LCC) directed her passion within photography to portraits and a curiosity in people.

Her project ‘Portrait of the Mind’ is an ongoing outlet for exploring this curiosity by encouraging her sitters to share their inner feelings through engagement in drawing. She has worked with numerous publications/organisations, from the BBC to the Mind Foundation UK, and intends to further develop this project for years to come, while also continuing to explore portraiture with the intent of achieving wider- and longer- form publication.

After completing her studies Doma worked as a photographer & videographer at Es Devlin studio, followed by a photographic internship with Nadav Kander. She then worked at Rankin, learning from various departments of a photography business and studio, as well as further developing her eye and craft.

Doma is now in the freelance world and available for various commisions in UK and abroad, as well as running her own small studio based in Camden Borough.


Avon, AMG, BBC Pictures, Sotheby’s International Realty Vilnius, Hemp Evolution, NDR Media Hamburg, House of Vapes London, WOAW Limited, S4 Jackets, SJC Outfitters. 


// Photographers: Rankin, Nadav Kander, Alison Jackson, Chelsea Kyle, Phillip Messman, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Myles New, Joe Giacomet, Jake Turney, Kate Anglestein, Hugo Pettit, Dan Beleiu, Karina Twiss, Helena Christensen, Efi Gousi, Jordan Rossi, James Williamson, Alicia Waite, Bella Howard, Vicky Lawton, Danny Lowe, Leigh Keily and more // 

Lighting Assistant:


Clients: Netflix, Smirnoff, Chopard, Ben Sherman, Vaseline, Police, Dune, NHS, Roy Rogers, Aston Martin, AGL.

Editorial: Hunger, Vogue, Tush Magazine, Corriere Della Sera, Attitude Magazine, Marie Claire.

Lighting Assistant & Digital: 

Clients: Tiffany&Co, ASOS, NatWest, Lego, EY, Samsonite, Rolls Roys, AMG, Whistles, POAN, Coco De Mer UK, Glow-up, Supreme, Germa- ny’s Next Top Model, Whistles, Sainsburys, Tesco, M&S, Nestle, Comic Relief, Pragnell, First Direct

Editorial: Hunger, Violet Book, You Magazine.

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