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What's been on your mind during the current BLM Movement? This is an online collaboration inviting people (whom I photograph) to use their portraits to reveal their innermost thoughts through drawing and writing. Despite it's necessity, the current BLM movement has caused many BIPOC racial battle fatigue, anxiety and daily stress. I hope that this project can bring awareness to the importance of BIPOC Minds. Shot online.


"It is like the rest of the world is discovering racism while black people, who know it too well, are now also contending with its reverberations online.


It is encouraging to feel that the world might be shifting, finally, but it is also exhausting to be hyper-exposed to painful things while still majorly isolated from your support systems.

I quarantined by myself and didn’t see anyone at all for 2.5 months, but I protested last week. It was a easy choice for me: if you choose to insist on seeing racism and the pandemic as distinct and separate things, then you have a situation where black people are a group affected by both and white people by one (and disproportionately less so than black people). By protesting, black people are saying we need to make both these things a priority. By condemning the protests, you’re saying that we need to choose one and that it needs to be the one that affects you as a white person. BUT they aren’t separate, and the pandemic has unfolded along the lines of systemic racism." - Oyin. 

“It’s sad that it has taken a video of someone being murdered for so many people to realise this is an issue. 


It shocks me that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is still even a statement. 


Social media is what is making this movement different to previous ones. 

But also social media is a show, its a presentation. I’ve seen a lot of people posting black squares on Instagram, but not signing the petition. I do hope that once the media dies down and things get calmer I hope we still have enough allies and people doing the work to make a continued change on this matter.”


- Olivia.

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